Are you hiring the right people for your company?

How can help you?

Protect your business, have a safer, more protective environment at your workplace. assures your company that the employment history of every potential applicant's past and present is accurate and verifiable as provided by the previous employer.

When you go through the interview and assessment of your applicants, you have the database ahead when you decide to reject or accept an applicant. is your tool to an applicant's background information obtained from previous employers compiled into one databank, updated in real-time.

As a member company subscriber to, you have two (2) distinct advantages that work both ways for you and your employees. As the employer, you can screen your applicants even before interviewing them and determine from their previous employment how they performed in their previous jobs, hence, cutting pre-qualification process. At the same time, you can upload all your employees' employment history into our database and share with our member subscriber companies.

Being a member subscriber company of, your employees will not dare do any violations or show undesirable attitude towards their workplace. Violation of company policies and commission of offenses are recorded, and at the same time, awards and merits earned, are displayed online for member subscriber companies to access which could encourage your employees to do good as their employment history will be uploaded by your HR department. Hence, better performance of employees at the workplace is encouraged and assured.

Your people in the organization, though not visible in your balance sheet, is a valuable asset. Remember, their past is your company's future.